Alltel mobile tour 2008. Hybrid 3D/Photoshop illustrations.

Samsung Olympic Program. 3D illustration and Quick Time video.

Interior space of 5 sensory tour bus. 3D illustrations and QT video.

Cottonelle Be Kind to Your Behind Tour. Sketches, illustrations and photos.

Spore creature stations. Scribbles and sketches.

HD DVD at CES. Scribbles, sketches, 3D and photos.

Wrigley's 5 gum display. Scribbles, 3D, graphics and photos.

Mercedes BlueTec Ride and Drive. 3D illustrations and QT walkthrough.

Red Bull video project. 3D illustration and QT movie.

Best Buy experience tour. 3D illustrations, layout and photos.

Miller Chill summer tour. 3D illustrations and photos.

Best Buy illustrations for soccer tour. 3D illustrations.

DUB kiosks for Best Buy. Scribbles and 3D illustrations.

Criss Angel season premier in Time Square. 3D illustrations.

Portable Gillette shave stations. Rough sketches and 3D illustrations.

Miller iPlay center. Scribbles, 3D and graphics.

Wooden toy kits designed for children. 3D layouts for print.

Limited edition Lenovo laptop display. Sketches and 3D illustrations.

Alltel My Circle 500 trophy. Sketches and 3D illustrations.

Ketel One Arnold Palmer Pavilion. 3D, QT walkthrough and photos.

World trade center memorial tour. Scribbles, 3D illustration and QT movie.

David Blaine and Target's Thanksgiving Day Promo. 3D illustratons.

Alltel at NASCAR. Scribbles, sketches and 3D illustrations.

Best Buy at Home and Garden show. Scribbles, illustrations and photos.

HD DVD 2008 tour concepts. Scribbles and 3D illustrations.

Miscellaneous AXE illustrations. Marker and photoshop.

Best Buy at Adventureland trade show. Sketches, 3D and photos.

Personal project for coo coo clock.

Pink bunny sculpture project.

Office desk project. Scribbles and 3D illustrations.

Marlboro event walkthrough. 3D, QT movie and photos.

PC station concepts. 3D sketch illustrations.

Lowes Kobalt Tools tour. Illustration, layout, graphics and photos.

Miller at The Forum stadium. Scribbles, sketches and 3D.

Miller at Oracle stadium. Sketches and 3D illustrations.